Release (YC W20) Is Hiring – Product Marketing Manager

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Co-Founder• CEO

Tommy McClung

Co-founder of CarWoo!, YC s2009 which was acquired by TrueCar (CTO/CPO). Founder IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.


Erik Landerholm

Co-founder CarWoo!, Former SVP and Chief Architect at TrueCar. Co-founder, IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.

Early software engineer at Etsy, former SVP Infrastructure at TrueCar. Co-founder, IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.

Founding Engineer

Vicky Koblinski

Vicky is a JavaScript Junkie with 8+ years of professional software development experience. She's passionate about open-source software, dog training, the Pokémon Championship Series, and Game Boy architecture.

Founding Engineer

Regis Wilson

Regis is a father, husband, world-famous published author, comedian, professional poker player, and yob. He can be found on the internet, playing with ethernet packets and switching paths as the data migrate.

Customer Success Manager

Jen MacVicar

Jen has been working in tech sales for twenty years. She loves healthy cooking and has an affinity for animals.

Founding Engineer

Jeremy Kreutzbender

Jeremy can be found around the internet as j_kreutzbender or jer-k. He enjoys working with Ruby & Rails, Elixir & Phoenix, Docker, and DevOps topics when it comes to programming. He is a dog dad to Cliff, a dachshund, enjoys hiking and being outdoors as well as playing video games.

Account Executive

Francis Campbell

Francis is a software sales and enablement specialist who enjoys traveling to new tropical places, riding motorcycles, and working out.

Founding Engineer

Sam Allen

Sam is a frontend developer that enjoys carpentry, sailing, and playing the piano.

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